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Internet of fakes: Protecting against a new era of threats and scams

Can you spot the differences between fake and real content? What about your employees? It matters because fake apps, deep-fake videos and social engineering pose major risks to your organization's security and reputation. Scammers are getting more sophisticated every day in duping workers and stealing data. Some recent figures: 

  • 96% of organizations say email phishing scams pose the biggest security risk (Verizon Data Breach Report 2018)

  • 22% of employees will open a suspicious phishing message;

  • 4% will open attachments (Accenture Security, Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study, 2019)

Join ESET Global Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe at this webinar to see the latest examples of trojanized apps, impostor websites, phishing and other scams—and learn how to protect your business in a new era of internet fakes.


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