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Don´t skip out on this Back to School supply

Yes, you heard it. Back to School is officially here. Most parents are relieved, and most children are horrified. And yet, there is at least one stressful component of the Back to School run for parents as well, and that is school supply shopping. Pens and papers, notebooks and pencils, bags, and pencil cases. All are things your children need to be successful this next school year. But there may be one area you are omitting.

Both your children’s, and your own cybersecurity, is nothing to take lightly. A lot of people opt to buy their children a smartphone before returning for a new school year. Understandably so. You want to be able to reach your kids, know when they´re getting home, where they are. A great way to do that is by using parental control.

But that is not the only protection your child´s and device needs. In the ever-so-changing threat landscape, mobile device protection should be one of the top priorities for both kids and adults. After getting a new phone, installing a security solution should be the first thing to do. And when getting your child a phone, teaching them how to stay safe and secure is a must.

A few digital security tips to follow and teach your kids:

  • Use a strong passphrase

  • Do not click on unknown attachments and links

  • Keep your device up-to-date

  • Do not share personal information online

  • Back up your data regularly

  • Do not leave your mobile phone unattended and unlocked

The most necessary Back to School supply?

A simple answer; digital security solutions. One that is easy to use, deploy and which covers most of your security needs. Our phones are powerful tools, one that can easily turn into a an issue if not secured properly. Keeping it safe is key to ensuring a smooth and safe Back to School period.

A great way to start is with ESET Mobile Security on your Android mobile devices. It’s a solution that ensures protection against a multitude of mobile threats while also securing users’ data. ESET Mobile Security aims to provide a safe environment by leveraging its various security features, including:

  • Anti-Phishing- integrates with the most common web browsers (Chrome and many others) and protects you from most common phishing attempts

  • Anti-Smishing - protects you from SMS and App notifications containing malicious links

  • Antivirus – protection against malware: intercepts threats and cleans them from your device   

  • Payment protection – lets you shop and bank safely online   

  • App lock – requires extra authentication to access sensitive apps; protects content when you’re sharing a device   

  • Anti-Theft – a powerful feature to help protect your phone and find it if it goes missing  

  • Network inspector – scans your network and all connected devices to identify security gaps   

  • Call filter – blocks calls from specified numbers, contacts and unknown numbers   

  • Adware detector – identifies and removes apps that display ads unexpectedly 

  • Real-time scanning – scans all files and apps for malware   

  • Scheduled scans – checks your device every time you charge it, or whenever you want   

  • Security audit – checks an app’s permissions   

  • Security report – provides an overview of how secure your device is   

  • USB on-the-go scanner – checks any connected USB device for threats   

  • Up to 5 devices – pay once, protect 5 devices associated with the same Google account  

ESET Mobile Security makes your Android phones and devices easy to find and harder to steal, and it helps to protect your valuable data. 

One-stop security supply shop

Deepening you digital security and developing knowledge about it is just as important these days as helping children navigate dealing with strangers. Educate yourself on the common security threats on esetngblog, an award-winning cybersecurity blog. Talk to your kids and guide them through wonders and pitfalls of the online world. Make sure they feel safe and welcome when coming to you with any and all issues.

Happy Back to School!

To better educate yourself and your children, visit


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