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Cloud versus On-Premises: Benefits of using Cloud Management solution over On-premises

Many tools support the smooth functioning of business, and cloud management is one of such effective tools that allows organizations to manage resources.

Today’s business requirements are changing day by day and fulfilling all the business needs with multiple technologies is the only way to achieve success. Businesses irrespective of size strive for success and cloud management provides on-demand computing services.

Cloud management plays a crucial role in managing data or information along with the security of the respective company. With the support of cloud management services, it becomes easy to keep an eye on the system’s performance. It ensures thorough security of the information simplifying overall management and reducing the complexity.

On-Premises Vs. Cloud Management

On-premises management refers to the internal implementation and running of a company’s data from a computer hard disk or a data center. All the processes such as maintenance, data security and updates are done in-house. On-premises hosting requires a business to buy and maintain its servers, from which all data in the company is stored and managed. There is no involvement with third-party services, meaning it requires dedicated IT experts to manage the servers.

Cloud management is the process of maintaining control and oversight of cloud computing infrastructure, resources, and services in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. With cloud management tools and technologies, IT administrators achieve control, visibility, and scalability while also being able to adapt rapidly to change.

Today, you are likely operating partially or entirely in the cloud. As such, your organization needs a way to evaluate, monitor, and manage cloud computing resources, infrastructure, and services in the most efficient way possible.

Cloud management is essential when it comes to managing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different applications and servers in the cloud. Doing everything manually is not just inefficient—it’s impossible. The move to modern IT environments has enabled organizations to scale their applications and innovate faster, but it has also introduced considerable complexity.

With cloud management, you can improve overall IT performance, improve security, and ensure your costs stay under control.

Here are some of the primary cloud management benefits:

It’s Faster time to value

Cloud management cuts down on the amount of time you spend on routine tasks and maintenance. Self-service access for automated provisioning and deployments helps support agile development across the full application lifecycle to speed up delivery and reduce errors.

Visibility across environments

Stay ahead of cloud sprawl by keeping track of what resources you have, how they’re being used, and who has access with cloud management. It can also help you identify the optimal balance for your workloads and make the most of your cloud capacity.

Centralized management

Cloud management tools allow you to integrate applications, operating systems, storage, cloud security tools, and more. The result is consistent and unified management over resource allocation, compliance, security, and cost management across multiple clouds and environments.

Improved compliance & security

Cloud management can help you adhere to cloud policies, guidelines, and regulatory requirements. Administrators can also streamline security processes, automatically monitoring usage and configurations across environments to identify violations and other emerging incidents quickly.

Optimized cloud spend

It’s not always easy to track or predict cloud spend. Cloud management solutions provide detailed reports with chargeback and showback to help you better understand usage, allocate resources more effectively, and accurately forecast spend.

Environmental sustainability

Cloud management can help you to drive and enforce strategies to help reduce wasted resources and lower the energy consumption of your cloud infrastructure.

With ESET Cloud-based management console, you remotely manage all products of your company’s network security. This service gets rid of the need to buy, install or maintain additional hardware. So you reduce the total cost of ownership. It's easy to use. So you can concentrate on your important work.

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