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How To Remotely Monitor the Activities Of Your Children On Their Phone/tablet

I stumbled on this Google play based application early this month- ESET® Parental Control for Android. God so good i was allowed to use the application for 30days as trial, but after trying it for 10 days and i saw how useful and timely the features were both for me and my children, i had to pay for their 1 year license. Am not really good at describing things, typing is even one of my most procrastinated task if there is any expression like that , but, the illicit and immoral exposure that comes from the world of internet through mobile phones or devices to our innocent children will not allow me to rest without telling every parent how to control and monitor the activities of their wards on the internet using this application. From experience and the rate at which our children are growing in knowledge, you will agree with me that they understand the use of mobile phones/tablets and also have more time to play with it than we do. Likewise, the wealth of knowledge that resides online and other good benefits of mobile phones/tablets will also not make any parent to want to deprive their children from using them. Late last year i was playing killer bean on my son's phone(11years old), suddenly, we saw a Unclad image popup with a blinking content that says 'Play with me'. i immediately closed it but then it occurred to me that this could have happened in my absence because i will not always be with him while he uses his phone. There was also a scenario that happened sometimes ago, i have two children, the male is 11 while the female will be 9 later this year. they were suppose to resume school the second morning so we asked them to go to bed, after 2 hours i asked their mum to check on them, to her greatest surprise they were using my tablet hotspot to stream a movie called 'Big Hero' and were watching it on their tablet. meanwhile i had to switch off the house WI-fi because of them thinking that nothing would disturb their sleep. In reality there is no such thing that is absolute, but this app gave me access to remotely (internet and preloaded instructions) monitor and control what they do on there mobile devices. let me rate it 80%. In fact i now decide the number of hours they can use to play games or watch movies, they too can contact me to make request for any application on their phone that they want me to unlock. The app also allows me to know their location in real time and i can also remotely lock their screen from anywhere. Finally, this application only allows content that falls within their age range to be displayed, even if they visit a site that is not suitable for that age it will still be blocked and then alert me. it also allow me to restrict them from visiting some websites. I used my 1 year license for 2 children but according to their care service, i was made to know that 1 license covers five children ESET Parental control is very cool and easy to use, just below this article is the snipped image of features of the application from their site. Kindly note that the application is available on Play store(Google play store) on all android devices. you can buy a license or try for free on play store.To know more about this product you can visit lest i forget, you can also ask me some questions based on my experience with the product not on the technicalities please. Hope it works for you. Safe and healthy living for our children.

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