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Cyber Threat Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Threat Defense

The adoption of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) capabilities is one of the most impactful ways to stay informed and well-equipped in order to effectively tackle cyber threats that can cause a lot of unprecedented damage these days.

That’s the reason why ESET prepared this brand-new buyer’s guide covering the topic comprehensibly and in detail. The guide will help you understand several key aspects related to CTI. These include learning what CTI entails and how the current CTI market operates thereby providing you with valuable insights into the overall context, whether your organization needs a CTI - and how to decide if it does, and what to look for when you believe your organization needs a CTI.

The concluding part of the guide aims at impressing upon you how ESET can help with CTI. It presents the strengths of ESET Threat Intelligence, respective feeds, and explains the role of a range of reports that are part of the service. The guide is particularly useful for security specialists, analysts, IT managers, and C-suite members, and offers valuable insights on how staff members can be equipped with the necessary tools to navigate the complex world of CTI.

Learn more and download the guide so that you can strengthen your threat defense.


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