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Version 3.0 of ESET Secure Authentication extends capabilities and introduces support for biometric

With the rise of remote and flexible working, it is increasingly common for businesses and organizations to have a range of devices and environments they need to protect from cyberthreats. This, combined with the fact that businesses of all sizes are facing a scarcity of IT manpower and an ever-present pressure to comply with data regulations, presents the need for simple and efficient cybersecurity solutions.

One of the best ways of securing your devices is to implement multifactor authentication (MFA), a method of protection in which a user is only granted access to a service or application once they have successfully presented multiple pieces of evidence that they are who they claim to be. A classic example of MFA in action is when you change your password on a website, and receive a text with a code that you must enter to confirm your identity. This process helps mitigate the associated risks when employees utilize the same passwords across multiple applications and web services – a serious threat to any business’s security posture. Simply, MFA is a great way to level up your organization’s security.

ESET’s Secure Authentication (ESA) is a mature multifactor authentication solution that allows businesses of all sizes to secure their devices, prevent data breaches and meet compliance requirements. However, just as the cybersecurity landscape is in constant evolution, so is ESET always committed to innovating and updating our offer. As such, the latest version of ESA has just been released, providing businesses with a solution that is simpler, more robust and more extensive than anything we’ve offered prior.

Version 3.0 of ESET Secure Authentication brings a range of updates, including the introduction of the Identity Connector, support for biometric authentication and a new Notification Center.

The Identity Connector, which significantly extends ESA’s capabilities, gives customers the option to employ ESA to protect any service or application that uses a third-party identity provider, via the SAML authentication protocol integration. For example, this allows customers to protect services such as Dropbox or Confluence, on top of the existing options that include email, employee workstations’ operating system, VPN or Office 365.

In addition, version 3.0 also introduces support for native biometric authentication in ESA mobile apps, meaning users can now use integrated fingerprint scanners and facial recognition when approving authentication requests.

The new Notification Center gives users the option to configure their own notifications, so they can be proactively informed without the need to be logged in. The update also provides major performance improvements, bringing customers a robust solution to cover larger deployments.

Vladimír Maťovčík, senior product manager at ESET, states: “Business security solutions need to be reliable, be easy to use and cause minimal impact to a company’s processes. With an increasing need for organizations to protect a range of devices and environments, ESET Secure Authentication provides a simple, effective mobile-based solution that secures data and cloud access without affecting employee productivity.”

“The introduction of the Identity Connector increases the solution’s level of security, while the improved performance and addition of support of iOS and Android biometrics make the experience even smoother for users.”

For further information on ESET Secure Authentication, click here.


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