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Upgrade to Safetica 10.4

List of changes in Safetica 10.4

This list contains the main changes, improvements, and bug fixes in Safetica 10.4

Major improvements
  • Introducing Safetica CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker): Protect valuable data in Microsoft 365, enhance email audit, and prepare for future integrations. Learn more.

  • Forward compatibility of Safetica Clients with Safetica ONE 11 server to enable future update.

  • Support for DLP policies in Apple Mail app on macOS devices.

Other changes
  • Fixed support for tagging signed documents.

  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

To ensure compatibility and a smooth transition to the upcoming Safetica ONE 11, it's essential to update to Safetica 10.4. Endpoints with older versions will not be able to directly communicate with Safetica ONE 11.

What's new in Safetica 10.4.153
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

What's new in Safetica 10.4.137
  • Fixed a bug that could under certain conditions prevent MS Outlook from starting.

  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

What's new in Safetica 10.4.127
  • Important bug fix for content analysis issue introduced in endpoint version 10.3.147.

  • Bug fix for email DLP behavior.

  • Updated Safetica Client for macOS with extended DLP capabilities.


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