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Kaseya DattoCon Europe: How to secure MSP success brick by brick

Cybersecurity is no longer a product, but a partnership that is fruitful rather than exhausting. 

Back in 2014, LEGO fans started noticing that some new reddish-brown bricks were brittle and more susceptible to breaking. The issue, known as “brittle brown,” was quite clear — even one faulty brick could spoil the whole impression of a finished build. Being known for maintaining top-quality standards globally, the LEGO Group announced that they fixed the issue a few years later.

In the Managed Service Providers (MSP) market, just like with a building set, every brick matters. It’s not only about IT, cybersecurity, human resources, supply chain, or marketing; all these things need to be put in place to create a successful MSP business.

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Being a global leader in cybersecurity, ESET understands that MSPs are like a complicated building structure in which all bricks support one another. That is why the ESET MSP program is designed to be flexible while covering various MSP business needs to maintain a long, fruitful partnership.

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A lesson on success from LEGO: Persistence

Some key aspects of LEGO’s success is their persistence in delivering high-quality products to a market that was heavily affected by the rise of computer games and increasingly sophisticated toys, along with LEGO’s partnerships with other recognizable brands.

With ongoing cloudification, outsourcing, compliance issues, and evolution of the cyber-threat landscape, it is no surprise that the Managed Services market is growing. For example, the Datto Global State of the MSP Report: Trends and Forecasts for 2024 found that 68% of MSPs in North America experienced a revenue increase in 2023.

According to Kaseya’s 2024 MSP Benchmark Report, 73% of MSP respondents stated that cybersecurity is a top revenue driver for their businesses, and at the same time, 78% of respondents consider cybersecurity a top IT challenge for their customers.

This MSP business success and the dynamic market growth require being on top of the latest threats, increased competition, or hiring complications. Further, MSPs deal with the question of how to make their growing and increasingly complicated businesses easier to operate.

Sticking together

Keeping all these aspects of the MSP business in mind, ESET created an MSP program and ecosystem that minimizes daily operations and enables users to provide trusted, top-rated security to their customers.  

“What we see with ESET is a really low volume of tickets that require human involvement. The ESET solution is super lightweight. I like to think ESET was born and built by gamers who didn’t want pop-ups to interrupt their games many years ago. As the solutions evolved over the years, additional layers of security have all been built on top, but the actual product installed on the device is still incredibly lightweight,” said Andrew Owens, Head of Sales, Risc IT Solutions.

The main pillars of the ESET MSP program:  

Leading cybersecurity technology – ESET Protect offers multilayered security technology combining machine learning, AI, a cloud reputation system, and human expertise. With ESET PROTECT, MSPs can offer flexible subscription solutions, providing security for all major platforms.

Flexibility – With daily billing and monthly invoicing, customers pay for what they really use: no flat rates, with no long-term commitment. Flexible management allows users to upgrade subscriptions and adjust seat counts on their own.

Unified ecosystem – With ESET’s cloud-first ESET PROTECT platform, users have a complete overview of all their clients from a single pane of glass, allowing them to see and manage clients in one place.

Automation  ESET PROTECT Platform automation features, such as Dynamic Groups, were designed to save IT admins time and help them avoid portal fatigue

Integrations – ESET actively cooperates with the major Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA)players to create best-of-breed, in-depth integrations.

Grow with ESET

It is always a pleasure seeing a LEGO set grow in front of the builder’s eyes. The same is true for ESET seeing its partners progress and succeed.

ESET sees MSPs as a whole, tailoring its solutions to meet market needs and making sure that every aspect of this business is covered. As a partner, ESET can make sure that all your bricks are supporting one another.


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