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Windows 10 anniversary update: Security and privacy, hope and change?

You may recall that last year WeLiveSecurity presented a detailed white paper examining Windows 10 from a privacy and security perspective. Apparently, many readers found this helpful, particularly IT professionals contemplating enterprise upgrades to Windows 10 from earlier versions. With a number of analysts now predicting that 2017 will be the year most enterprises make the move to Windows 10, ESET is publishing a new Microsoft Windows 10 white paper that covers changes to security and privacy features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update (aka Build 14393, Redstone 1, Version 1607).

Microsoft originally delivered Windows 10 Anniversary Update last August, celebrating the first anniversary of its flagship desktop operating system with new features and functionality, and designating it as the Current Branch (CB) for consumers. In late November, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was designated as the Current Branch for Business (CBB). That means this build of Windows 10 Microsoft is the one expects its business customers to run on the majority of their desktop computers.

As Microsoft has promised, this build of Windows 10 contains improvements over Threshold 2 (aka Build 10586), the previous build of Windows that was released in November 2015. However, it also removes some features, makes changes to others, and has some issues which may impact its users’ security.

Our new white paper that looks at the removal of security and privacy related features such as Wi-Fi Sense and Kid’s Corner, changes to Group Policy and PIN-based login, and the latest versions of Windows Defender and Microsoft Edge. We also look at some of the issues affecting Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and how they may impact the security for consumers and businesses. The table of contents is as follows:

The new white paper can be downloaded here: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Security and Privacy (PDF).

If you have any security or privacy questions about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, please feel free to ask them, below.

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