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10 lucky Viewers to Win 10 ESET Mobile Security (Premium Pack).

This week on Tech Trends show on Channels Television, 10 lucky viewers will win 10 Eset Mobile Security (Premium pack Anti-Virus for Android, Windows and Symbian phones Valid for 1 Year).

ESET Mobile Security- (Premium pack) gives you more control over your phone and an extra level of protection to give you peace of mind?

ESET Mobile Security premium features:

Antivirus Real-time Scanning

Remote Lock Remote Siren

GPS Localization Tablet Support

Camera Snapshots Low Battery Alert

SIM-Matching SMS & Call Filter

Remote Wipe Proactive Anti-Theft

Anti-Phishing Custom On-screen Message

Location Tracking

This is the first giveaway on the Tech Trends on Channels Television show in, 2016, so if you want to better secured mobile device going into 2016, then simply enter for the Giveaway by answering Tech Trend question online.

For more details and to stand a chance, kindly watch the video below.

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