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Developing A Cyber Security Framework In Nigeria

The Founders of Digital Encode, Oluseyi Akindehinde and Adewale Obadare have emphasized the importance of cyber security in the development on Nigeria.

Both men were guests of Channels Television’s InfoTech show, Tech Trends.

Akindehinde said that the population of Nigerians who are internet users has made it important that there is a system that protects these citizens.

“We need to take it beyond the pockets of organisations that are looking at it from the perspective of the realm they operate it. We need to address it at a national level.

“I say this on the back of what has been happening recently in Nigeria,” he said, citing the accusations of hacking between political parties leading to the 2015 election.

His partner, Adewale Obadare, said that while the exposure to the internet is very high in Nigeria, the level of awareness of Nigerians about cyber security is really low.

He explained the reasons behind their decision to set up a cyber security outfit and the need for Nigeria to pay more attention to this field of Information Technology.

In this interview, they gave expert analysis of the possibility of developing a cyber security framework in Nigeria.


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